Trance PowerUp 40

Cover of Trance PowerUp 40
Trance PowerUp 40
Cover of Trance PowerUp 40


1. DMPV & Anveld feat. Djoy - Nyutag (Elite Electronic Remix)
2. Numatra feat. Tumedda - Deckard's Revenge (Trance Remix)
3. Eugene K - Airwaves (Extended Mix)
4. Super8 & Tab - Helsinki Scorchin (Original Mix)
5. Juan Almiñana Obando - Bolomor (Hiddeminside Remix)
6. XEDM & FR3SH TrX - TAIPEH (THIAS Trance Remix)
7. Sonar Zone - Resonate (Karl Forde 2022 Remix)
8. Ruslan Device & Katsu - Flashback (Extended Mix)
9. Night Sky feat. Rebecca Louise Burch - Till I Break Free (Madwave Remix)
10. Osayd Project - Passengers (Extended Mix)
11. DJ Elven, D-Myo - Erase My Sadness (Prométhée 2021 Remix Extended)
12. Roald Velden - Unstable Turntable (Theory of Strings 6am Mix)

Part of: Trance DJsets

Thanks labels: Neostatics Vision & Sounds, KHB Music, Deepsink Digital, TranZone Recordings

Cover picture: Instagram (see all credits)

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