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Numatra is a pseudonym of Chris Lyons DJ in collaboration with other electronic producers. Numatra produces trance and tech house music.

Mixed DJsets of his Trance PowerUp programme are premiering each Thursday night on Maxximixx Eelectra (Tel Aviv) at 22:00 CET and available from the podcast

Join the listed social profiles to keep up-to-date with all newest live shows and original track productions.

Numatra is a DJ available for booking for events in all Europe and always interested in new collaborations and opportunities. Just get in touch!

Live Events

Webradio and Live Video

  • Maxximixx Electra

    22:00 Thursdays

    Maxximixx ELECTRA

    Tune in Thursday from 22:00 to 23:00 CET for my newest DJset premiere on Maxximixx ELECTRA - Tel Aviv

    Genre: Trance


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