Trance PowerUp 38

Cover of Trance PowerUp 38
Trance PowerUp 38
Cover of Trance PowerUp 38

This one includes the releases of the week, plus a selecion of past years' trance progressive hits in the second part of the show. It's kind of different from the other episodes, let me know if you liked it!


1. Sonar Zone - Resonate (Jhonny Vergel Remix)
2. Lianari - Katyusha (Extended Mix)
3. Rikki Starrett - Serenity (Original)
4. Dennis Sheperd, Cold Blue, Ana Criado - Every Word (Uplifting Radio Edit)
5. DJ Elven, D-Myo - Tonight Or Never (Extended Mix)
6. Thias - I need You (Extended Mix)
7. Ebon Light - Dream
8. DMPV & Anveld feat. DJOY - Nyutag (Michael Milov Remix)
9. Marat Malakhov - I Can't Tell You Stop (Sergey Salekhov Remix) (Sergey Salekhov)
10. DJ Geri - Perpetual Motion (Original Mix)
11. Eugene K - Take Me Away (Extended Mix)
12. Todd Sargent - Better (Extended Mix)
13. 8 Wonders - Sex On The Beach
14. Denis Airwave & Angel Falls - I'll Never Close My Heart (Extended Mix)

Part of: Trance DJsets

Thanks labels: Deepsink Digital, Neostatics Vision+Sounds, TranZone Recordings, T-inY

Cover photo: Instagram _neon_future (see all credits)


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