Trance PowerUp 19

Cover of Trance PowerUp 19
Trance PowerUp 19
Cover of Trance PowerUp 19


1. Marat Malakhov - You Can Talk (Extended Mix)
2. 40Thavha - The Guy's Wave (Original Mix)
3. Trance Reserve - Phoenix Fly (W!SS Remix)
4. Alexander Popov Natalie di Gioia Attila Syah - Nothing is Over
5. Terra V. - Catal
6. Bloodfury - Obelix (Extended Mix)
7. Ivan GM - The Agiti XXL Wave
8. Vitodito & Soulforge - Ancient Whisper (Original Mix)
9. Fredix - Limit Flight Altitude (Extended Mix)
10. NoiseTek & Anna Faye - Cyberspace (Ithur Alternative Remix)
11. Lianari - Constellation (Extended Mix)
12. Terra V. - The Big Quake

Part of: Trance DJsets

Cover picture: Instagram afterdarksquad (see all credits)

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